Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club

TLCC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Address: TLCC c/o Todd Hughes, 1910 East 4th Ave #41, Olympia, WA 98506.
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Past TLCC Semi-Annual Coin Shows
(Annual Coin Shows starting in 2024)

Show #Dates of Past Coin ShowsShow Souvenir
Location: Sherwood Inn, Tacoma, WA
1November 5-6, 1988Wooden nickel
2March 11-12, 1989Wooden nickel
3November 4-5, 1989Wooden nickel + commemorative wood set
4March 10-11, 1990Wooden nickel
5There was no "semi-annual" coin show in November of 1990. The March 1991 show was originally considered the 5th show (as shown on the wooden nickel); however the board changed the numbering system to leave the #5 slot vacant for consistency with the semi-annual show principle.
6March 9-10, 1991Wooden nickel
7March 14-15, 1992Wooden nickel
8November 7-8, 1992Wooden nickel
9March 13-14, 1993Wooden nickel
10October 9-10, 1993Wooden nickel
11March 12-13, 1994Wooden nickel
12November 6, 1994Wooden nickel
13March 11-12, 1995Wooden nickel
14November 4-5, 1995None
15March 16-17, 1996None
16November 2-3, 1996None
17March 15-16, 1997None
18November 1-2, 1997None
Location: LaQuinta Inn, Tacoma, WA
19March 14-15, 1998None
20October 31-November 1, 1998None
21March 13-14, 1999None
22November 6-7, 1999None
23March 11-12, 2000None
24November 4-5, 2000None
25March 10-11, 2001None
26November 3-4, 2001None
Location: University Place Community Hall, University Place, WA
27March 9-10, 2002None
28November 2-3, 2002None
29March 22-23, 2003None
30October 18-19, 2003None
31March 13-14, 2004None
Location: King Oscar Convention Center, Tacoma, WA
(called Tacoma Hotel-Motel as of summer 2014)
32October 16-17, 2004None
33March 12-13, 2005None
34October 15-16, 2005None
35March 11-12, 2006None
36October 28, 200650th anniversary medals available.
37March 10-11, 200750th anniversary medals available.
38October 27-28, 200750th anniversary medals available.
39March 8-9, 2008None (except for leftover anniversary medals)
40October 25-26, 2008None (except for leftover anniversary medals)
41March 7-8, 2009None
42October 3-4, 2009None
43March 13-14, 2010None
44August 28-29, 2010None
45March 12-13, 2011None
46August 27-28, 2011None
47March 10-11, 201255th anniversary banquet souvenir.
48August 25-26, 2012None
49March 9-10, 2013None
50August 24-25, 2013Elongated cent
51March 8-9, 2014Elongated cent
52August 23-24, 2014Elongated cent
Location: Tacoma Elks Lodge #174, 2013 S. Cedar St., Tacoma, WA
53April 4, 2015None (or elongated cent as above)
54August 29, 2015None (or elongated cent as above)
55March 26, 2016None (or elongated cent as above)
56October 22, 2016None (or elongated cent as above)
57March 25, 2017None (or elongated cent as above)
58October 7, 2017None (or elongated cent as above)
59June 2, 2018None (or elongated cent as above)
60October 6, 2018None (or elongated cent as above)
Location: Cheney Stadium, 2502 S Tyler St., Tacoma, WA
61February 23, 2019None (or elongated cent as above)
62October 5, 2019None (or elongated cent as above)
63February 22, 2020None (or elongated cent as above)
Location: American Legion Post #2, 11204 Park Ave S, Tacoma,WA.
64September 10, 2022None
65March 18, 2023None
Location: AMVETS Post #1, 5717 South Tyler Street, Tacoma, WA.
66September 16, 2023None

See the calendar or coin show page for future TLCC coin shows.