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TLCC is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington.
Address: TLCC c/o Todd Hughes, 1910 East 4th Ave #41, Olympia, WA 98506.
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Introduction Catalog Numbering System for TLCC Memorabilia

The Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club (TLCC) was founded in 1988 by the merger of the former Tacoma Coin Club (founded in 1957) and the Lakewood Center Coin Club (founded in 1963). These three distinct clubs issued a large number of memorabilia items over the years, mostly related to coin shows and banquets. Many of the items were wooden nickels, however there are also a number of other kinds of items, such as banquet favors containing coins.


In Memoriam - Norm Mikat - May 12, 2020

TLCC past president and life member Norm Mikat was instrumental in assembling collections of TLCC, TCC and LCCC related memorabilia, both for the club's own collection and for Norm's personal collection (which has been sold). Photo: Norm and Barb, embarking on a cruise vacation!
Norm Mikat speaking about the club's history and memorabilia collection at the May 7, 2002 TLCC regular meeting. The club's memorabilia collection is photographed and cataloged on this web site. The first 40 items were added to the web catalog on June 27-28, 2002. The catalog now includes all available souvenir items and other items.

At the TLCC April 2002 business meeting, the TLCC board voted to contract with J. Eric Holcomb to prepare a photographic catalog of the TLCC memorabilia collection. (Eric previously cataloged the PNNA memorabilia collection.) Work began in June 2002, and has completed, although Eric will continue to update the catalog as necessary. The catalog is available on this web site, and will also eventually be available on CD and in printed form.

Additional information:

  • See below for details of the catalog numbering system.
  • Some of the information found on these pages is uncertain and incomplete. As more accurate information becomes available, these web pages will be updated. Please contact the TLCC if you are aware of any items that are not listed, or if you have additional information. Last updated: April 25, 2014.
  • Most of the pages linked below should print on a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper, with margin settings of 0.75 inches on all sides, except 0.50 inches on the bottom. These pages do not contain navigation bars to the rest of the TLCC web site. Use the "Index" link to return to this page with the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Many of these items were made and distributed in very limited quantities, and are difficult to obtain, although there are also a number of more common items. If you are interested in collecting TLCC or other local coin club memorabilia, please contact the TLCC, the PNNA and/or the Northwest Token and Medal Society.
  • Copyright information.

Over 200 images! Enjoy!


Special thanks are due for major contributions of material to the club's collection from the following individuals: (Click here to see the biographies of these individuals.)

  • Laura Enearl, charter member TCC (deceased).

  • Byron "Jack" Frost, TLCC Life Member 1 (LM1) (deceased).

  • George Booth, TLCC Life Member 6 (LM6) (deceased).

The details of the catalog numbering system are as follows:

<prefix> <2-digit year> - <type number> <variety letter>

  • Single-letter prefixes as explained in the table below.

  • 2-digit years starting with 57 for founding of TCC in 1957.

  • Type numbers starting with 1 for each year.

  • Variety letter designations starting with "A" when there is more than one variety (e.g., color, size, design, overprint) known of a type.

Example: S59-3 for copper ingot that was third souvenir type issued in 1959.
Example: S59-2B for 2nd variety of wooden nickel that was 2nd souvenir type issued in 1959.

A Awards to officers and club members.
C Cards and certificates (e.g., membership cards) from the ANA, PNNA, etc.
M Miscellaneous photos, articles, advertisements, scrapbooks, etc.
PPrograms from club banquets or other events.
R Ribbons and badges.
S Souvenirs of shows, banquets, club meetings and anniversaries.

Souvenirs (S category)

Page 1a
Page 1b
1957 to 1959
1959 (cont.)
Page 91978 to 1980Page 171989 (cont.) to 1991
Page 21960 to 1962Page 101981 to 1982Page 181992 to 1993
Page 31963 to 1966Page 111982 (cont.)Page 191994 to 1997
Page 41967 to 1968Page 121983 to 1984Page 202000 to 2006
Page 51969 to 1970Page 131984 (cont.) to 1985Page 212007 50th Anniversary
Page 61971 to 1972Page 141986Page 222012 to 2013
Page 71973 to 1975Page 151987 to 1988
Page 81976 to 1977Page 161988 (cont.) to 1989


Awards (A category)
  Page A1Tacoma Coin Club (pre-merger) and Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club (post-merger)

Programs (P category)

Cards & Certificates (C category)
Page P1Tacoma Coin Club Banquets (pre-merger)Page C1ANA membership cards, 1960-1996
Page P2Lakewood Center Coin Club Banquets (pre-merger)Page C2ANA cards/certificates, 1997 to date
Page P3Tacoma-Lakewood Coin Club Banquets (post-merger)Page C3Club-issued cards/certificates
Page P4Special Events (other than banquets)  

Ribbons and Badges (R category)

Miscellaneous (M category)

Page R11958 to 1990, 1995Page M11957 to c. 1968
Page R21991 to 1993Page M2c. 1957 to 1985
Page R31994 to datePage M3Other